"Advise  ~ Respond ~ Protect"

For more than forty years these words have guided the Law Offices of Glen L. Rabenn, Certified Family Law Specialist.

About Our Office

Family Law deals with especially sensitive issues that can have life-long emotional and financial effects. It is a specialized area of law, requiring specific training in negotiation and litigation skills, taxation, property and business evaluation, as well as a knowledge of constantly changing rules and procedures.

Attorney Profile

Glen L. Rabenn has specialized in Family Law since 1972. With offices in Seal Beach, Mr. Rabenn practices in the Family Law Courts of Orange and Los Angeles County. He was one of the first attorneys to be certified as a Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California.

Which Process is for You?

What Are My Choices For Professional Help In My Divorce?

All divorces involve decisions and choices. Which professionals will assist you, and how you will utilize their help, are decisions that can powerfully affect whether your divorce moves forward smoothly or not.